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Three of the Most Crucially Important Online Marketing Rules

In any endeavor worth undertaking, there’s always going to be fundamental concepts that you need to understand and implement in order to achieve success. For example, in business it would be nearly impossible to succeed without…

1. A high quality product or service that you truly believe in.

2. An effective business plan that leaves no stone unturned.

3. A sufficient amount of cash to begin operations.

You might be thinking…”well isn’t it obvious that no business could have a chance without these three ingredients?”

Online Marketing Rules

In business, that might be true. But when it comes to the art of online marketing, there are three fundamental rules that I see people violating left and right. And if you want to have success in marketing online, you should keep these three rules in the front of your mind before writing a word.

1. The biggest mistake you can make in your various projects is to make your work look like an advertisement.

The average person is exposed to so many ads in their daily travels that they have no choice but to tune them out. Believe it or not, most people are exposed to as many as 2000 or more ads per day!

The success you have in online marketing will depend on your ability to present as just a source of really good information that others can benefit from.

2. Boring your readers is the quickest way to lose your readers attention.

Getting prospects to visit your website is extremely hard work. But don’t think you can keep them there if you don’t put in the same amount of energy into your website copy. To keep your site visitors in a trance, it’s a must that you get them emotionally involved in what you’re trying to communicate.

The first place to start their emotional involvement would be in your headlines and sub-headlines. Make sure that they state the main benefit your reader will gain by reading on.

3. Don’t forget that your success depends on building a list. You must (at least) capture their name and email.

Less than 5% of website visitors make a purchase on the first visit, and once they click away it’s rare they return. Not having a way to capture their information is just like throwing money down a cyberspace black hole.

You should have an opt-in form that is prominently displayed on what is called the ‘above the fold’ portion of your site. Above the fold is what people will see when they first arrive at your site without having to use the scroll function. The best place is on the top right-hand corner of your home page.

In my opinion, these are the three fundamentals that every online marketer can’t afford to ignore. Let me know if you think there are any other rules that are just as important as these.

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