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The 3 B’s of Successful Online Marketing


Come here…I wanna tell you a secret.

Well, actually…

It’s not a secret to great online marketers!

So…if you’re new to the biz, listen up.)

If you’re just starting out, there’s one thing that is going to be absolutely CRUCIAL to your success. And that one thing that can make or break your success as an online marketer is your ability to craft a great offer.

I want to let you in on the 3 B’s…which are just a part…but an EXTREMELY important part of building an online marketing business.

And if you get these three B’s down to a science…you’ll be quickly on your way to the 3 M’s…

1. Money

2. Money

3. More Money!

Amazon product listing bullet points
Amazon product listing bullet points

One of the things that great online marketers have learned to do in their sleep is…add great ‘Bullet Points’ to their description. Your challenge is to get the most important benefits your offer will give prospects in a short and to-the-point mini paragraph. Don’t even think about focusing on the features of what you’re offering in hopes of impressing your prospect…because it won’t.

Is it going to ease their pain? Make them more money? Give the more free time? Add to their pleasure?

These are the questions that you should be asking yourself before you start your bullet points.

Was there ever a time when you made a decision to buy something or subscribe to some online marketers list because of a sneaky little marketing trick called a ‘Bonus’? Since I see you nodding your head up and down…I assume the answer is YES. There’s no doubt that adding a small bonus to your offer will definitely boost your sales. Just make sure your bonus at least relates to your offer.

Also, adding in the price of the bonus can add to the ‘perceived’ value of your product or service.

The last B that you should use in every one of your offers is what we call a ‘Bond’. Your Bond is just a guarantee that eliminates any fear of loss that your prospect might be feeling towards your offer. How can they lose if they can get their money back if they don’t like your offer after a 30…60…or 90 day trial run?

Believe it or not…a Bond is what can make or break a sale.

Learn to master the use of the 3 B’s and you’ll be on your way to the three P’s. A pleasurable, prosperous, and PROFITABLE online marketing business. and PROFITABLE online marketing business.

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