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    Why Headlines DON’T Matter Very Much

    Oops, did I say that? What I meant to say is…Why Headlines Matter Very Much! In this post, I want to cover what “smart” copywriters consider the most important element of a sales message. Writing a killer sales letter or series of emails is a great skill to have. But if your letter or emails don’t get read, all your hard work won’t end up getting you sales. Your ability to get the attention of your prospect can be much more crucial than the effectiveness of your sales message. So, I’d like to focus on the key to bringing your prospect into your world, and ultimately get them to become…

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    Three of the Most Crucially Important Online Marketing Rules

    In any endeavor worth undertaking, there’s always going to be fundamental concepts that you need to understand and implement in order to achieve success. For example, in business it would be nearly impossible to succeed without… 1. A high quality product or service that you truly believe in. 2. An effective business plan that leaves no stone unturned. 3. A sufficient amount of cash to begin operations. You might be thinking…”well isn’t it obvious that no business could have a chance without these three ingredients?”