Post Natal Only

Postnatal-only Package

This package is right for you if:

  1. you want more postnatal support than is currently available on the NHS
  2. this is your first baby or you are having twins
  3. you had a difficult time previously
  4. want continuity of care from one midwife
  5. you want dedicated breastfeeding support

The package includes:

  1. antenatal consultation/booking
  2. up to 10 postnatal visits at a time that suits you
  3. extensive breastfeeding support
  4. liaising with your GP and Health Visitor
  5. screening test for your baby
  6. on-call service

Cost: £750


Daily visits in the first five days enable extensive time and support with feeding and all aspects of baby care.

We will address issues concerning your own recovery and well-being, as well as anything arising for you, your partner or older siblings.

Visits continue until 4 weeks after the birth, fitting in with your family’s needs. During this time we will liaise with your GP and Health Visitor, discuss and perform screening tests for your baby and monitor your baby’s well-being and your healing and recovery.

Visits will become less frequent as your confidence grows.

My support during the postnatal time aims to empower you, to see yourself as the true expert of your baby’s well-being and to become attuned to your baby’s needs as well as your own.