How to Profit From Others Dissatisfaction

Is there something that you’re dissatisfied with in your life…a situation that seems to linger on endlessly?

If so…how would you fix it? What are the basic steps you would need to go through to end your frustration?

For example…

So you’re dating life sucks? (first, name the problem)

You figured out that you’re just not out-going enough…After all, you can’t get a date if you can’t open your mouth around the opposite sex. (the cause of the problem)

Your dating life sucks

But…there’s a dating ‘guru’ that has turned total losers and dating rejects into studs and stud-ets. (see the possibility of ending your problem)

He’s got a simple proven system to quickly change your personality from a tongue-tied dating misfit…to a real life 007 that can have members of the opposite sex tripping over each other in hopes of just a bit of your attention. Find the way to end the problem now!

And all you have to do to get to get your hands on this ‘Dating Transformation Series’ and have potential mates chasing you down…blowing up your phone…lining up for your attention…

Is pay a one-time…totally guaranteed…fully refundable fee of…

No…not $497

No…not even $397

We’re going ‘rock bottom’ for our most valued customers if you purchase NOW!

Not even $297!

Get this life changing ‘Dating Transformation Series’ for a measly…

$197!! (the action you need to take to end the problem)

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ve just given you some basic steps to coming up with good copywriting.

But…we’re not finished!

We’ve laid our foundation…but we still need to build our house.

How can we get our ‘dating misfit’ emotionally involved in our copy?

Getting them emotionally involved in the problem.

Hate looking at your calendar…dreading the fact that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…frustrated because you’ll be spending it alone for the third time in a row?

Sick of the unreturned phone calls…Saturday night stand ups…and flat out rejections by the opposite sex?

Tired of wondering why you can’t get a date…while your friends have them lined up left-and-right?

Are you totally confused at what makes you so tongue tied and twisted when you’re talking to the girl you’ve been secretly admiring for the last year…wondering if you’ll ever get the courage to ask her out before someone else snatches her up?

Getting them emotionally involved in what’s possible.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next time Valentines’ Day rolls around, you could actually look forward to it…knowing you have your soul mate to spend it with?

How would you feel if you had TONS of potential dates calling you…showing up to dates early while you’re ‘fashionably late’…having to turn some down because there aren’t enough days in the week?

Just think of how satisfied you would feel if you had so much success at dating that your friends were asking YOU for advice and wondering…”How does he pull it off?!”

What would your dating life be like if you were as smooth as 007…with the ability to put members of the opposite sex in a trance with just a few sly words…a heartbreaker like Sinatra…having them faint at your feet?

There’s much more to say about writing good copy, so we’ll put our construction project on hold till we meet again…

Let me know if you have any good ideas on how to get some company for our dating misfit?

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