Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Nurture – Nurturing Pregnancy Massage

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage permeated with the spirit of Aloha (breath of life & loving presence).
This beautiful bodywork uses hands, elbows and forearms to simultaneously massage several parts of the body with long strokes and continuous movements. This fluid work calms the mind, relieves tensions and stimulates healing and rejuvenation. It nourishes and nurtures deeply.

Benefits include:

• Relief of muscle spasms
• Improved circulation
• Heightened metabolic rate
• Relieves muscle tension
• Improves muscle nutrition
• Stimulates immune & lymphatic system
• Decreases oedema
• Eases headaches, stress and tension
• Improves muscle tone
• Calms the nervous system
• Improves quality of sleep

Four options of massage are available:

Hawaiian Mama-to-Be Massage

Blissful relaxation and nurturing for pregnant women at any gestation. This rhythmic flowing massage eases aches & pains, releases tight muscles, improves circulation and gives you an intimate opportunity to connect with your baby and prepare your body and baby for birth. This massage is given in a side lying position after the 20th week.


£45/60 for treatment
Gift Voucher available

Feedback from past clients:

Thank you for another incredible Hawaiian pregnancy massage, magical Anja. I think at one point i may have floated off the massage table. Baby loved my bump being massaged. I always know that bump & I are in the best care when we’re in your hands. Utter bliss and well needed “me space”. Thank you x x x
Melissa, Tunbridge Wells

Hawaiian New Mama Massage

This massage nurtures the new mama, providing deep relaxation, tension release, improved circulation and abdominal work to help the body regain its strength & integrity.
This massage combines side and back lying making it comfortable for a new mother. Ideal for the first 2-3 months after birth and babies are very welcome to join.


£60 for treatment
Gift Voucher available

Feedback for a postnatal massage given two weeks after birth:

‘I slept for quite a while after you left! I felt so relaxed. I love the word ‘nourishing’ for the massage. That’s exactly how I felt. Cared for. Relaxed. I was thinking of the time you spent on my belly and as I drifted off to sleep I was just thanking my body for the journey it has carried Asher and I–and really our whole family–on. That was a really unique and neat moment for me. Loving my body has not always been my practice. So, thanks so much for continuing to nudge me in that direction! I felt like it was so wonderful to be in my own bed and be allowed to just drift off to sleep–especially as a new mama. Relaxing and resting are not easy. So to be able to just fall asleep in my own bed all warm and calm and relaxed was really fun. Thanks!’ Cori, Surrey

Hawaiian New Mama & Baby Massage

Mothers with new babies can benefit greatly from massage and I am more than happy to include your baby in the massage. Due to the side lying position it is easy for baby to have a feed while your are have your massage. Baby will probably fall asleep and can stay nuzzled next to you or lie between your breasts or legs when I work on the front of your body.
It is such a pleasure to include babies in this work and mother’s love it!

Here a recent feedback from a client:

‘I cannot explain how lovely this was, to have a beautiful treatment where I could share it with my newborn and relax together! The relaxing music made her fall into such a deep sleep!’
Anna, Forest Row
‘Anja – thank you so much for the amazing massage on Monday. I loved it – and baby and I had a great sleep on Monday night as a result!’
Lucy, Tunbridge Wells
Prices: same as New Mama Massage

Full body Massage

The full body massage is available for both men and women. It combines fluid, rhythmical, nurturing strokes with dynamic and deep Lomi Lomi massage, which will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and renewed. It is an excellent treatment to nourish your body and soul, whilst releasing tension and clearing the mind. This massage works on the back and front of the body. Powerful relaxation and rejuvenation for mothers & fathers. Book this treatment as soon as you are able to comfortably lie on your front again.


£45/60/80 for treatment
Gift Voucher available
60/90/120 min

Feedback from past clients:

‘This deeply nourishing, nurturing massage embalms you in beautiful warm coconut oil, with the most generous whole body sweeping movements, as if you are a child in the ocean. A wonderful, healing, wholesome treatment which releases all psycho-somatic knots and scars. Anja’s giving and kindness is extra-ordinary, combined with deep knowledge and expertise.
Anja can be named saraswati mother goddess, I recommend it to anyone you love.’ Yoga teacher, Tunbridge Wells

Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for a pregnant friend, new mother or father and a beautiful thank you for grandmotparents and family members.They are available for complete treatments or in £10, £20 and £50 denominations. Order your voucher today by email or telephone, pay by BACS or cash and your voucher will be emailed or send to you as you prefer.

About Anja

Anja trained inHawaiian massage & Swedish Massage and specializes in HawaiianLomi Lomi. She has trained with Carrie Rowell,in the UK & in Hawaii as well as teachers in the UK and Austria.
She is fully insured and gives treatments at her house in Nutley.