Five Simple Steps to Copywriting Mastery

If you were about to build your dream home, what would be one of the most important questions to ask your home builder before you signed on the dotted line?

You’ve planned your budget…

You found the perfect lot…

You’ve found the best surveyor, excavator and architect…

The layout you’ve picked will be the perfect fit for you and your family…

And you’ve used your killer negotiating skills to get great terms on your contract…

Five Simple Steps to Copywriting

The obvious question to ask is…”Can you provide me with a specific ‘step by step’ plan that you will follow when your building what will most likely be one of the biggest investment I ever make?”

If you fail to ask this extremely important question, you might end up getting a lot less than you bargained for.

So why do so many online marketers fail to ask themselves this same question when it comes to their copywriter before they start a new project? After all, your business is THE biggest investment you’ll ever make. If you use the ‘wing it’ approach, your definitely going to get a lot less that you bargained for.

Here’s a simple step by step guide to writing killer webcopy…

Selling online is no different than selling in person…your main goal is to identify problems and provide a solution.

1. The first step is to get into your prospects head and figure out what their biggest problem is. Your challenge is to make your prospect recognize the problem and build on the emotion of their situation.

2. Go deeper and explain to them the main reasons that they haven’t been able to get rid of their problem. They need to solve the problem. Also, talk about why prior attempts to solve the problem have failed.

3. Your next step is to make them imagine what their life will be like when that pesky problem is gone from their lives forever. Paint a rosy picture of how great life will be and how great they will feel in their newfound freedom.

4. It’s time to introduce your offer and differentiate it from the products or services that, prior to yours, gave them little or no results. Make your intro simple and to the point, concentrating on the main benefits rather than features of what your offering.

5. The last step is to have a clear and concise call to action. Don’t leave any doubt in your prospects mind as to what you want them to do.

Using this approach is what separates the ‘pros’ from the amateurs. Start every copywriting project with these easy to do steps and you’re definitely on your way to building a thriving online marketing business.

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