Complete Care

The Complete Care package

This package is right for you if you want:

  • continuity of care from one midwife specializing in natural birth
  • time to build a trusting relationship
  • extensive expertise in homebirth, waterbirth and how to keep a birth normal
  • peace of mind knowing your midwife will support you throughout your birth
  • dedicated support in the early weeks of parenting

Optional massage & midwifery combo:

  • Complete Care PLUS
  • 4 Mama to Be massages
  • 1 New Mama massage
  • 1 New Dad massage

Here is an overview of my approach:

Your Pregnancy

I recommend meeting for a professional consultation to discuss my care package, your hopes and wishes for this pregnancy and to answer any questions you may have.
The visit will last about 1 hour and will give us the opportunity to decide if we want to work together.

Once you have decided to book you will have approximately 10 antenatal visits in your home. Flexible appointment times ensure that your partner/family can have an active part in your midwifery care.

Each visit includes a full health assessment of you and your baby, advice on nutrition, discussion of various issues as well as preparation for labour, birth and the important early weeks with your baby.

Blood tests and ultrasound scans can be arranged via the NHS or a private lab/clinic.

Nutritional changes and alternative therapies may be suggested as they can alleviate most problems experienced during pregnancy without the unwanted side effects of allopathic drugs.

Concerns about your pregnancy will be fully discussed considering all available evidence and your choices. I may suggest obstetric or other medical specialists’ input and will arrange the necessary referrals.

Your Labour & Birth

When you go into labour I will provide physical, emotional and midwifery support and guidance that aims to meet you and your partners needs.

You will be able to relax in the knowledge that I will stay with you throughout labour.

My commitment to you is to facilitate a positive and safe birth experience, that leaves you empowered and in control.

A second midwife may be involved in the birth, depending on individual circumstances.

TENS machines and birthing pools are available and I carry Entonox (Gas & Air), oxygen, a homoeopathic childbirth kit, emergency drugs to deal with excessive bleeding and resuscitation equipment.

Although most births occur in the home some women or babies may require medical help. I will discuss any concerns and different ways of dealing with them. If we decide to transfer to hospital I will accompany you, endeavouring to make a smooth transition and will continue to support you to have appropriate and individualized care.

After the birth I will remain with you for several hours until I am satisfied that everyone is well and comfortable. I will support you with the first breastfeed and the immediate needs of the baby as well as your physical and emotional needs –

and of course I will return every day for the following days supporting you and your partner with the transition to parenthood.

Postnatal Care

Daily visits in the first four – five days offer extensive time and support with feeding and all aspects of baby care.

We will look back over the birth and address issues concerning your own recovery and well-being, as well as anything arising for you, your partner or older siblings.

Regular visits continue until 4 weeks after the birth, fitting in with your family’s needs. During this time we will arrange for a medical examination of the baby, liase with your GP and Health Visitor, discuss and perform screening tests for your baby should you decide to have them.

I will monitor your baby’s well-being and your healing and recovery.

Visits will become less frequent as your confidence grows.

At your final 6 week visit, I will provide you with a copy of your maternity notes – a story of your baby’s arrival, which can become a keepsake for life.

My support during the postnatal time aims to empower you, to see yourself as the true expert of your baby’s well-being and to become attuned to your baby’s needs as well as your own.