The Pregnancy-only Package

This package is right for you if you want:

  • continuity of care from a dedicated midwife
  • visits in the privacy of your home and at a time that suits you and your family
  • build a trusting relationship with your midwife
  • knowledgeable and evidence-based information

The package includes:

  1. no-obligation consultation
  2. 10 antenatal visits including an in depth booking appointment
  3. Optional birth preparation session
  4. On-call service
  5. Professional Indemnity Insurance

Cost: £ 1,250

One-off antenatal appointments are available if you want/need:

  • reassurance in between NHS appointments
  • opportunity to discuss your plan of care for second opinion
  • appointments at a time that suit you
  • preparation session for your birth

Cost: £ 75

Overview of the antenatal package:

Sunrise Birthing offers you individualized midwifery care, expertise and commitment.

I recommend meeting for a professional consultation to discuss the care package, your hopes and wishes for this pregnancy and to answer any questions you may have.

The visit will last about 1 hour and will give us the opportunity to decide if we want to work together.

Once you have decided to book you will have approximately 10 antenatal visits in your home. Flexible appointment times ensure that your partner/family can have an active part in your care.

Each visit includes a full health assessment of you and your baby, advice on nutrition, discussion of various issues as well as preparation for labour, birth and the important early weeks with your baby.

Blood tests and ultrasound scans can be arranged via the NHS or a private lab.

Nutritional changes and alternative therapies may be suggested as they can alleviate most problems experienced during pregnancy without having to resort to drugs.

Concerns about your pregnancy will be fully discussed considering all available information and evidence as well as your choices. I may suggest obstetric or other medical specialists’ input and will arrange the necessary referrals.