7 Ways to Keep Your Prospects Attention

A simple and universal truth about human nature is (like it or not), we are all selfish beings. This is a fact that any person looking to have success as a copywriter must think of before writing any advertisement.

If you were in your prospects shoes, what would you most likely see as a powerful advantage to purchasing your product or service? What particular appeal would carry the most weight with your potential customer?

You’ll find that we can break down the categories of possible advantages into 7 groups. I’ll list them in no particular order or rank in importance. Each one of these groups can be considered a sub-group of the two most fundamental factors of human motivation…

Keep Your Prospects Attention

The desire to gain pleasure, and avoid pain.

A general rule that can be tied to all of these sub-groups is the universal truth that all great online marketers understand.

The less we have of a particular thing, the more of it we want.

The headline “How to Win Friends and Influence People” hits the target with two of these categories, popularity and prestige. It’s no accident that this book turned out to be one of the most successful self help books ever written.

“How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time!” Gary Hilbert’s great headline hits you right in what he would call the “greed gland.” He targets a very powerful sub-group, wealth, with the promise of a quick return on your investment of time.

None of us look forward to growing old, but we all want to have financial security when the golden years arrive. We’ve worked hard all of our lives, and our autonomy and independence is something we’ll guard to the bitter end.

“How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free”…This headline does a great job of distilling our thoughts of an ideal retirement.

And of course, we all want to look great and feel healthy in our everyday lives. Here’s a nice headline that I found on that’s a real attention getter.

“Get Fit Quick: The Fastest Fat Burners Ever”

And of course, we all want to feel like our hard work is recognized by our peers. We don’t desire fake flattery, but when we’ve done something that is worthy of praise, acknowledgement from others is always a major plus. And the desire for praise from others is stronger when it comes from people that once doubted us.

“They Laughed when I Sat Down at the Piano…But when I Started to Play!”

Of course, there could be more if we took the time to dig deeper. Please let me know in the comment section if I’m missing a category of advantages that is worth mention.

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